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  • Opening a New Business or Company in Texas

    Do you plan to open a new business in Texas or anywhere in the United States? Then, the first step recommended would be to contact a certified public accountant or a CPA Accounting & Tax Services firm. The best CPA firm can teach you how to start a small business with a solid plan right from the start. Saleem Lakhani is such a reliable accounting firm that supports your vision of a new business and guides you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. The services we can provide include but will not be limited to,

    • Determining which business entity best meets your goals and minimizes tax liability.

    • Partnership agreements.

    • Preparing a cash flow budget.

    • Creating a business plan to help you secure financing (if needed).

    • Setting up an accounting system using software that works for you.

    • Creating billing systems and implement policies and procedures for collections.

    • Ensuring that you are compliant with state, local, and federal tax laws such as sales and use tax, payroll tax, and Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number).

    • Preparing annual tax returns and quarterly estimated taxes as needed.

    • Assisting you in filing paperwork for state and local licenses and permits as required.

    • Assessing your business insurance needs.

    Saleem Lakhani | 04/09/2021

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