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  • Forming a Limited Liability Corporation

    A limited liability corporation can be defined as a privately owned company. It is a business structure that combines the taxation procedures of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation.  Saleem Lakhani CPA is a registered agent in Sugar Land, Texas.

    What is a registered agent?

    A registered agent is a business like Saleem Lakhani which sends and receives legal papers on your behalf. These papers could include official correspondence such as legal summons and document filing. which your registered agent will receive and forward to you.

    What can a registered agent do for your business?

    We can help you with the process of forming an official LLC with our registered agent services. With these, Saleem Lakhani can also prevent the personal exposure of your business to lawsuits. For example, if you decide to open a store-front business that deals directly with the public, you may worry that your commercial liability insurance will not fully protect your personal assets from potential slip-and-fall lawsuits or claims by your suppliers for unpaid bills. Running your business as an LLC may help you sleep better because it instantly gives your personal protection against these and other potential claims against your business.

    What is the process of forming an LLC?

    To officially file an LLC, Saleem Lakhani will file your documents with the state. Officially named the Articles of Organization, it is also known as Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Organization. With this formation document, Saleem Lakhani will outline the organizational structure of your business.

    In addition, we will help you create an LLC operating agreement. This will allow you to structure your financial and working relationships with your co-owners in a way that suits your business. Reach out to Saleem Lakhani CPA for more information.

    Saleem Lakhani | 07/13/2021

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