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  • Tax & Financial Planning for Sugar Land Multi Generation Families

    Families in Sugar Land often have members of multiple generations. Elderly grandparents, parents, children, siblings, cousins, and more! Preparing taxes and financial documents for such members can be complex and 2020 has worsened it.  The IRS may come calling soon.  If you are one of those multi-generation families, a simple illustration can describe why you need to contact a Public Accounting Firm in Sugar Land such as Saleem Lakhani CPA.

    “Imagine you were withdrawing money from a pension for some immediate purpose or as repayment for a loan.  Also, think of the other expenses which could come in a multi-generation family such as yours-

    • Unreimbursed Medical Bills
    • Total and/or Permanent Disability
    • Health Insurance Premiums after 12 weeks of Unemployment
    • Death
    • Higher Education Costs

    But these cannot be easily calculated while preparing your documentation. result in heavy penalties while filing taxes if done without the help of a professional Sugar Land Accountant. Saleem Lakhani can be of great assistance as we provide affordable accounting and tax planning services. Our services will include enabling you to get the actual financial facts, examine long-term care insurance and handle property-wills among others.

    Saleem Lakhani provides financial planning and tax preparation services to a range of individual clients and families. We help all members with cash flow management if they need to organically grow their personal assets or the planning and transference of wealth for multigenerational families. Reach out to us for an accurate and stress-free taxation as well as financial planning for your entire family. We are the best accounting, tax planning and consulting firm in Sugar Land, Texas. Saleem Lakhani can help you start planning your taxes in advance.

    Saleem Lakhani | 12/17/2020

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